Il Trittico

…Wagner’s fabulous “personen-regie” is precise, understandable to the point of resonance, ambiguous, and is vividly implemented by all actors.
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…Carlos Wagner’s staging emerges totally from the music.  No trite staging ideas, nothing put-on, only music drama with genuine depth of focus.
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…Astonishing: When the director and stage designer came onstage, the applause even increased. What a rarity in today’s opera world!
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… Full success, without clashes, which rewards the perhaps most committed production we have seen in Innsbruck in the last four seasons.
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…If you can hold out for almost three and a half hours, you should treat yourself to this opera evening.
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Angels in America

… Wagner draws tremendously insightful character studies. Arresting yet not overburdened scenes can be enjoyed. If you get involved, you will live a deeply impressive experience…
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… the director Carlos Wagner makes these simultaneous parallels and sequences beautifully clear…The fact that Peter Eötvös, who did not want to miss this Münster premiere, proved to be very satisfied on the stage opposite Golo Berg, spoke volumes…
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…from beginning to end, the perfectly staged chamber piece which ensues between the protagonists, draws its tension from an exemplary timelessness…
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…it is captivating how the director shapes the gestural language: charged with emotion and yet of such powerful calm, that an exceptionally suggestive effect is achieved…
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…with “Lotario” the Göttingen Festial has hit the bull’s eye…
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… according to the motto “Expectations far exceeded”, standing ovations for the premiere on Friday at the German theatre….
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Der Freischütz

…Wagner and Ouvrad weave a wonderful patchwork carpet of ideas, play joyfully with stereotypes and prejudices. Winks and irony are the order of the day, rather than profound brooding and heavy concepts. And the evening works to the best…
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…the staging by Carlos Wagner was the most impressive I have seen of the piece…
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